Most people will agree that after an operation one should follow a rehabilitation program to regain functional ability and improve quality of life.  But while a post-op regimen helps, evidence suggests that the more you do to prepare your body before heading into the operating room, the better off you may be. So-called prehabilitation has been used extensively in orthopedic surgery with very good results.

We therefore have created a program to address both of these aspects.

There are a few common surgical procedures that are the result of wear and tear and chronic injuries.  Think of hip and knee replacements and spinal surgery.  With most of these procedures there is enough time to engage in a prehabilitation program – an exercise program aimed and improving your functional ability and strength before the operation to speed up recovery after the operation.

The stronger your muscles are before surgery the better it will cope with the demands of surgery and the faster you recovery will be.

You can strengthen muscles not involved in the surgery to help with functional ability after surgery for example strengthening your arm muscles when doing knee replacement to help you get up from a chair or using crutches.

  • Hip surgery like hip replacements
  • Knee surgery like knee replacements, arthroscopies, ligmanent reconstruction, meniscus and tendon repair  etc
  • Shoulder surgery like shoulder replacements, rotator cuff repair, recurrent dislocation, etc
  • Lumbar conditions like fusions, chronic pain, laminectomies, discectomies,  etc