The Lose-to-Win program is structured to identify health risks and lifestyle factors that need to be taken into consideration when designing a lifestyle program.  Options for continued support and motivation are provided to help facilitate success.


Step 1: Physical evaluation and lifestyle questionnaire to determine health risks, influencing factors, body composition and fitness.

Step 2: Feedback and goals setting to address individual risks and needs by setting individualised goals and developing an action plan that includes lifestyle changes, healthy eating and active living.

Step 3: Take action!  Start with a healthy eating plan, exercising regularly and making lifestyle changes that are sustainable.  

Step 4: Re-evaluate and adapt the program at regular intervals to ensure success.


We realize that each individual is unique and that some will require more motivation and assistance than others.  We therefore provide various options to help you reach your goal, from home programs, to partially and fully supervised programs.


Option 1: Exercising on your own:  Care must be taken that you understand the exercise program, that it will be safe for you to exercise on your own and that you will adhere to the program. 

Option 2: Exercising with partial supervision: Joining group exercise classes is a cost effective way to commit if you need motivation and support. We offer Pilate as well as Gyrofit classes.

Option 3: Exercise with full supervision: One-on-one training with the biokineticist if you are a high risk client, in need of additional motivation or if you prefer to exercise with supervision on your own.



  • Specific health related problems like obesity, cardiac risk, metabolic disease and diabetes
  • Lowering cardiac risk or improving your real age
  • Stress and depression
  • Improving quality of life
  • Need help losing weight