At BIOlife health we understand that pregnancy can be a time of great uncertainty and challenges.  As your body changes you are not always sure what the correct and best options will be.  This is also true for exercise.  Exercising in your first trimester will differ from exercising in your third trimester, and the challenges each person face will also differ.  At BIOlife health we would like to take care of this uncertainty in your pregnancy by providing you with information and scientifically designed and backed exercise programs to ensure a healthy baby and fit and healthy mom. 

There are benefits to exercise both during and after pregnancy.  You can therefor start with the program when you fall pregnant (or are trying to fall pregnant) and continue throughout your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby.  You can start with the postnatal classes as soon as you get a doctor’s clearance to exercise and once again these exercises will be adapted to your needs and preferences.

The program can also be structured in such a way that you can bring your baby with and exercise with him/her… also providing guidance in basic baby massage and exercises for the baby.

We provide individual exercise sessions (especially if you have specific needs) but encourage smaller group classes where two or more friends can train together under supervision.  Class times can therefore be flexible and adapted to suit your schedules.

Sometimes it can be daunting to start or continue with an exercise program when you are pregnant and often we just don’t do it.  But training when you are pregnant can provide lots of benefits to both you and the baby.  At BIOlife health we understand that each person is different and therefore we do not have structured classes.  We do individual assessments on each person that wants to join the program and develop programs suited to your individual needs, timetable and lifestyle. 


  • Reduce pregnancy discomfort (less back pain and better sleeping patterns)
  • Boost energy, reduce stress and lift your spirit.
  • Prepare your body for childbirth (time of delivery faster with less complications)
  • Improve your self-image and helps you to get your body back faster after childbirth
  • If mother is healthy, baby also tends to be more healthy (better nervous system)
  • Prevents postpartum depression
  • Enhance your quality of life!

Prenatal: Staying fit throughout your pregnancy

Postnatal:  Do you struggle to regain your weight or to lose weight and build lean muscle mass and core strength.



Individual or group classes (pp)








Joining fee

R 520

R 520

R 520

R 520

R 520

R 520

Card fee







Monthly fee 2x

R 2 880

R 2 240

R 1 680

R 1 280

R 1 000

R 840

Monthly fee 3 x

R 4 320

R 3 360

R 2 520

R 1 920

R 1 500

R 1 260

We have structured the prices so that you can see what the price per person will be if you decide to exercise together as a group of friends. 

The joining fee includes a full medical history and evaluation to determine individual needs, risks and preferences.   If you have a doctor referral or chronic condition that can benefit from exercise as part of the treatment plan you can claim all or some of these costs back from you medical aid.

If you want to train without supervision, at home or at another facility we can also prescribe an exercise program that you can continue with as soon as you execute the exercises correctly and feel confident to exercise on your own.  This will be R520 for the evaluation and R360 per exercise session.